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08 November 2018Managing the R.A. 250th Anniversary
13 December 2018Film as an Art Form
14 February 2019Leonardo – his anatomical drawings
14 March 2019Ocean Liners Art – the ships that shaped our lives
11 April 2019Sir Stanley Spencer – his autobiography in pictures
09 May 2019Edouard Manet and Music
13 June 2019Influences in Photography

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Managing the R.A. 250th Anniversary Pam Campbell-Johnston Thursday 08 November 2018

Britain’s oldest fine arts institution is celebrating its 250th Anniversary in 2018. The Royal Academy has an illustrious history that spans from the mid 18th century through to the 21st century.  We contemplate its past and review its various homes before settling on its current Mayfair location in Burlington House. This fully illustrated talk explores a selection of its ground–breaking temporary loan exhibitions and considers its role and impact on the art scene, both on British soil and overseas.  In addition, anecdotal stories will also be revealed by the lecturer based on her twelve year career with the institution. We also consider the influence of certain world-renowned Royal Academicians, exemplary artists in their chosen field, and the pivotal role that is played by the RA Schools and, more recently, Hockney, Paolozzi, Foster, Craig-Martin and Gormley.