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15 October 2019Tchaikovsky, Chekhov and Levitan
25 February 2020Goya: War and Peace, revolution and exile.

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Tchaikovsky, Chekhov and Levitan
Dr. Rosamund Bartlett Tuesday 15 October 2019

Tchaikovsky was one of the first people to perceive Chekhov’s genius and the admiration for each other was mutual. Despite Chekhov’s shyness the two became friends, aware they were kindred spirits. This study day will discuss the elegiac and lyrical quality of their work, along with that of Isaak Levitan, who was Russia’s greatest landscape painter, and Chekhov’s best friend. We will examine their lives and career in the context of late nineteenth-century Russian culture. Together their music, writing and painting will provide a compelling and moving evocation of the autumnal atmosphere of late Imperial Russia.