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24 April 2019Kilpeck Church and Hereford Cathedral
27 June 2019The Queens Gallery and Leonardo drawings Stonor is cancelled.

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Kilpeck Church and Hereford Cathedral
Wednesday 24 April 2019 may be one of the most perfect small Romanesque Churches, there are stone carvings in so many places, and the overall architecture is wonderful; it really is stunning. How were such skilled masons lured to little Kilpeck, even the locals are not sure.

Hereford Cathedral was founded in 676, but real building began in the 12th Century, apart from the stonework, it has the Mappa Mundi, one of the oldest maps of the then known world, also there is the Chained library, books were chained so they could not be stolen.

So much beauty and history in one outing.

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